​​​Owner Scott Dalzell (photo courtesy of Scot Hull, parttimeaudiophile.com)

The Viva Hifi large listening room. Featuring Zesto and ModWright electronics, VPI HR-X turntable, Daedalus Athena speakers, and WyWires and Skogrand Cables.

​​Audiophile components for music lovers

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Viva Hifi in Vienna, Virginia was established in May 2012 to bring fine, high-end stereo audio components to the Washington, DC area.  Viva Hifi features electronic components, speakers, and turntables, many designed and built in the USA to the highest quality standards.  Viva Hifi is an authorized dealer for ModWright Instruments, Zesto Audio, and Technics preamplifiers and amplifiers, VPI turntables and record cleaning machines, WyWires Cables, Ortofon cartridges and tonearms, Skogrand Cables, Elac speakers, and Vanatoo speakers.  Viva Hifi is also affiliated with and demonstrates Daedalus Audio loudspeakers.  Many of the products offered by Viva Hifi are made to order by skilled craftsmen.  Viva Hifi offers package pricing and considers trade-in offers.   Please call or email to make an appointment for an audition or to place an order. 

NEWS:  Please go the News tab for the latest information about new products and special events, including the December 5 open house.
Technics is back in the US and Viva Hifi is the Washington, DC area dealer.  The Premium Class C700 system that received positive reports from the Capital Audio Fest and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is here and in stock.  The C700 system features advanced technology in compact-sized, high-end components ideally suited to smaller listening rooms, living rooms, offices, and other places where large high-end stereos are not suitable.  The models in the initial offering are the SU-C700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with DAC, the ST-C700 Network Audio Player, the SL-C700 Compact Disc Player, and the amazing SE-C700 Speaker System. 

Recent Accolades:     
Parttimeaudiophile.com posted a very complimentary piece about Viva Hifi at the 2015 Capital Audio Fest, complete with excellent photos.  You can see the report at http://parttimeaudiophile.com/2015/09/03/caf-2015-viva-hifi-presents-daedalus-modwright-and-vpi/#comments.
Art Du​dley, my long-time favorite audio writer, visited our room at the Capital Audio Fest and had some very nice things to say on his Stereophile blog. Read it here: http://www.stereophile.com/content/capital-audio-fest-art-dudleys-saturday#Ur3dRecHP97gjz5q.97
Enjoythemusic.com also featured the Viva Hifi room here: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/Capital_Audiofest_2015/Part1b.htm
Manufacturers’ websites for more information
Technics             www.technics.com/us/products/c700
Daedalus            www.daedalusaudio.com
ModWright         www.modwright.com
Skogrand            www.skograndcables.com
VPI                        www.vpiindustries.com
WyWires             www.wywires.com
Zesto                   www.zestoaudio.com
Vanatoo              www.vanatoo.com
Ortofon              http://ortofon.us/product?category_id=2
Elac                     http://elac.us/debutproducts/
Lehmann           www.lehmannaudio.com